Our Services


Compressor Change Out


Sometimes when your air conditioning unit stops cooling the fix may just be the compressor. Our techs will help you save by swapping the compressor instead of replacing the entire air conditioning system.

A/C Service & Repair


When your A/C is not cooling, thermostat not working, frozen air handler, burnt motor, or have a leaking coil, chances are that you would need a professional to look at the unit.



We offer monthly, quarterly or semi-annually maintenance visits to clean or change filters, clean drain lines, clean drain pans and check overall operation of the unit(s) and make sure that your AC unit is functioning to its full potential.

Sale & Installation


We can look at your unit and let you know if you have old unit(s) that need replacement, we can also recommend what you would need and get you the right unit for your home.

Heat Load Calculation


Every house is different based on the location of the house, the appliances, windows, doors, occupants… The heat load will help us pick the right unit(s) for your house to make sure that the heat load is correct for your residence.

Duct Cleaning


Dirty ducts can bring strain to your AC unit, we offer cleaning & sanitization of the complete duct system.

Duct Installation & Alteration


If you need ducts in a certain room or need alterations done to certain ducts, we would be happy to look at it and correct and install any additional ducts needed.

Coil Cleaning


The AC coil can get very dirty over time, this can cause strain on the unit. We can open and check the coil and remove any dirt or muck for better performance of the unit.

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